Monday, 15 April 2013

UFO draining the sun?

Little green men, greys, and other alien ideas seemed to a far stretch to me. Not that I don't believe there is alien life out there in the universe. In fact I think its statistically impossible for there not to be. I just never really bought the idea that they would bother to make their way here to kill cows and ass probe us. Over the years I have scoured  the internet in a vain attempt to find anything that could prove to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt that extraterrestrial life was visiting our universe. I've searched endless "UFO expert" sites, tons of youtube videos, and spent countless hours trying to find a scrap of anything that might give me hope that there is a chance of visitation. Yes I am a self professed geek...but a video I saw tonight may have changed my views for good. I don't pretend to understand what I've seen in these videos. And after digging myself, holy shit! you need to see this for yourself.

This is the original video I watched. As a subscriber to Wowforreeel I've seen many interesting things, some convincing, some not so much. Until this video... the final segment was what caught my eye. Just for a bit of background Wowforreeel, is the host and the name of the channel that covers ufos, strange events, aliens, Nibiru , anomalies, and other strangeness. Very interesting, so subscribe. So this video begins like some of videos do, with some theatrics..hard to exp[lain just watch..take note of final segment.


WTF was that??!! So I dug deeper and found this video...

Ok, adding some credibility..I found the original clip that caught my eye..this is it.

Meh, has to be a photoshoped video or something...I thought the same thing. But on a whim I went to this link:

a NASA site dedicated to observation of the sun. and entered the following dates into the parameters:

March 11, 2012 and March 13, 2012
AIA 171(gold) default one 
resolution 1024 x 1024
and left bottom one blank

Lo and behold there it is....

Now I know it won't make a believer out of all of you..but man, it sure is perplexing and worth seeing.

~Kount Kreepy  

interesting video after the fact:

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