Sunday, 22 December 2013

Lord of Tears film review (no spoilers) 2013

Kount Kreepy was kind enough (or was it really to torment me?) to drop off "Lord of Tears"for me to review.

Thanks to Lawrie Brewster the director for sending  this collectors DVD to review.

This movie fits the bill for creepy movies. The haunting imagery starts strongly right from the beginning and does not disappoint. The tone is like an impending doom that makes you wait and want to know more as the story evolves and has some twists toward the end that many won't see coming, but done in a way that is fitting with the story and characters. Based on urban legend as well as ancient myths gives it some historical setting. If one is a Jungian follower of psychology you could well find that this film will hit that deep seated nerve or collective memory.

There is a dark wintry feeling to the imagery and scenery with brief moments of faint hope for the main characters against a foreboding back drop. Lord of Tears relies on the camera work and ambiance instead of the special effects and CGI that too many films seem to rely on these days. Its like being taken back to when films could scare the crap out of you without the buckets of blood and fancy tricks.
(imagery courtesy of Lord of Tears on tumbler)

I hate comparing films to others as this one surely stands on it's own but for those looking for an idea or "its kind of like such and such" this film has elements of other films I've enjoyed immensely. Some films just stick with you for a long time after and Lord of Tears is no exception to that.

Visually it  has a lot of power and suggestion to it putting me in the mind of films like Ringu (or The Ring in English- a Japanese Horror film) or The Shining (When a building just sitting there gives you the creeps!)

Feeling wise it puts me in mind of Dagon or In The Mouth of Madness which fits in with the Lovecraft style and pace of the film. Given that the budget was from a Kickstarter campaign the film is great.

A part of the film struck a chord with me (I don't think its really a spoiler), the main character finds the taps in the bathroom turn on by themselves. Many moons ago I had stayed at a hotel that was allegedly haunted and awoke to find the taps on. Thinking about it this happened twice at two different locations and both were apparently haunted!

So enough said already. Get the DVD, it has some great bonus features including an interview with the Director who comes across as inclusive with his audience. He is like a tour guide of horror coming along with you for the ride and experiencing what you experience, he just has a few more of the answers and helps put it all into perspective.

Also there is a quick mention of the next project "The Unkindness of Ravens" about:

"Andrew Alburn, a homeless veteran suffering from PTSD is plagued by flashbacks, stemming from a traumatic event he witnessed while in the armed forces. He spends time in a highland retreat where he hopes to overcome his fear of ravens, the dark creatures that trigger and populate his visions. But in the bleak highlands of Scotland, his nightmares manifest into an enemy more powerful than he could ever have imagined." from Facebook

being a veteran myself I can't wait to see this. If Lawrie does it any justice like Dog Soldiers (portraying military characters as more than 2D cut outs) I'm sure it will be a good film.

Thanks for tuning in.- Evil von Scarry