Saturday, 29 December 2012

Tactical Bacon

Tactical Bacon, wtf?!

Well it's pretty straightforward... keeps for 10 years, tastes good and comes in a can. Fuck yeah! Tac Bac. Get er inta ya. Plus the video has

"Shotgun" Max Beavins (aka

Stephen McHattie)

from "A little bit Zombie"

also the Bacon Mascot that can shoot like Rambo, lmao! And folks this is a real and tasty product!

Also a real life hands on review at a gun show last year

Found it on ThinkGeek but shop around might be better deals out there.

Linky to "A little bit zombie" site

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Automatons Are Coming!!!


Mechanical object, either functional (such as a clock) or decorative (such as a miniature singing bird), that is self-operating. Devices set in motion by water, falling weights, and steam were in use in the 1st century. Decorative mechanical objects were made for ecclesiastical use and table ornaments in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Spectacular fountains and waterworks can be seen in 16th-century Italian gardens; elaborate mechanical devices (such as the chess-playing Turk) were popular in the 18th–19th century. Except for some works by Carl Fabergé, the production of expensive automatons virtually ceased by the 20th century.

I recently saw a video which I found slightly disturbing, yet fascinating.....

An almost lost artform, automatons are now seeing a resurgence. While some of it is creepy as hell, I am amazed at the craftsmanship that goes into them. I'll post a few links and videos so you can see for yourself.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

5 Petitions For Things Less Important To National Prosperity Than A Death Star

So much is less important, obviously. But these things especially.

Death Star
Death Star YouTube
The people have spoken. A White House petition to begin construction of a Death Star by 2016has reached the 25,000-signature threshold, meaning the White House now has to respond.
President Obama: We've entreated you to tackle some significant science and tech issues before, but now we really need your help. And, anyhow, look at all of these things that are way, WAY less important than the construction of a Death Star.
Texas wants to secede, for example.
First of all, Texas, cut it out. Second of all, go ahead and secede, and when we have a Death Star, surely you will reconsider your position.
A lot of other states, actually.
Secession Petitions
Secession Petitions:
Nationalizing the Twinkie industry has been proposed, too, and while that's clearly an endeavor worthy of presidential consideration, there is still no way that deserves the attention of a Death Star. Why are we bailing out the confection industry one-percenters when so many jobs would be created by the construction of a Death Star?
And Anna Wintour is being considered for the position of ambassador to somewhere, which more than 4,000 people apparently do not like. Not even close to Death Star worthiness.
Folks against mandatory vaccinations are also making a petition, but even they must agree that a Death Star is a great improvement to Homeland Security.
Mr. President: We recognize the naysayers who claim this project will cost 13,000 times the world's GDP, and find their lack of faith disturbing. We patiently await word on the government's progress.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

U.S.S. Deathstar, American petition for a Death Star

Believe it or not there is an actual petition to the U.S. Government to build it's own Death Star ala Star Wars style.

Found the following article about it on the Huffington Post 

So for shits and giggles checked it out on CBC, apparently with over 25,000 signatories it (here is the petition) requires an official response! -EvS (pics and vid added by myself)

Online proposal passes 25,000 signatures, requiring official response

Posted: Dec 13, 2012 10:06 PM ET

Last Updated: Dec 13, 2012 11:30 PM ET

"An online petition on a White House website to secure resources and funding to build a Star Wars-like "Death Star" by 2016 has gathered 26,447 signatures and will spark a response from the Obama administration.
The government website We the People was created to allow people to petition the U.S. federal government to take action on a range of issues.
The authors of the petition began their quest on Nov. 14 and passed the goal of 25,000 signatures on Thursday. Any petition that surpasses the 25,000 mark will be reviewed by the White House staff and will receive an official response.
(video from RT News)
 <object width="420" height="315"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_GB"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=";hl=en_GB" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="420" height="315" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

“We the People helps the White House understand the views of the American people and have a focused and civil conversation with them,” explains the White House website.
The authors of the petition rationalized the strange request for a Death Star — a doomsday weapon capable of destroying planets, which featured in the film Star Wars — by stating that the benefits of such a craft would boost job numbers and aid in national defence.
“By focusing our defence resources into a space-superiority platform and weapon system such as a Death Star, the government can spur job creation in the fields of construction, engineering, space exploration, and more, and strengthen our national defence,” said the petition.
Each petition must cross two critical thresholds in order to be effective. First, it must meet a minimum number of signatures for it to be publicly listed and searchable, and second it must meet the 25,000-signature mark within a month in order to garner a White House response.
“From time to time President Obama may respond directly to petitions, but we expect most of responses to come from other administration officials,” says the website.
According to the website, anyone 13 years or older with an email can start a petition seeking federal government action.
Many other petitions on the website fall short of the 25,000 signatures.
A petition for Obama to approve the Keystone XL pipeline raised 1,674 signatures.
Medical marijuana petitions were dwarfed by the Death Star, as a petition to have the plant used for medical purposes in all 50 states received 4,345 signatures.
A proposal to investigate and publicly condemn organ harvesting from Falun Gong believers in China had 10,054 votes.
In the 2001 census, 21,000 Canadians put down their religion as Jedi Knight"

Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Little bit Zombie quick review

 Wow, I was pleasantly surprised at this zombie comedy.. well written, acted, and directed..I laughed the whole way through. The synopsis is: Infected by a zombie mosquito during a weekend away, a mild mannered HR manager attempts to fulfill his overwhelming desire for brains and avoid Max, the obsessed Zombie Hunter hot on his trail. All while keeping it together so as not to incur the wrath of his Bridezilla-to-be. 

 This one will definitely will be added to the Kreepy Library. Get out there a watch it! Oh and it's Canadian, so ya know it's going to be funny! BRAAIIINNNSSS!!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Kount Kreepy's Top 5 Headsy Movies

"If God dropped acid, would He see people?" ~ STEVEN WRIGHT

Mind melting? Skin crawling? Wallpaper/Carpet breathing? Can't tell if its sweat or pee? Then you need a movie. Here is my "Top 5 Trippiest Movies!". So here we go my little fry-bags:


Chevy Chase's first movie role, this bizarre movie, is a compilation of skits. Not only will you laugh, but you will scratch your head and say WTF was that?? This movie left my mind bent.


Originally a novel by William S Burroughs, then turned into a roller coaster mind f@#$ movie. Its very difficult to explain the plot, but it goes like this: An exterminator discovers his wife is stealing his bug powder and using it as a drug. It slowly descends into an insane tale of conspiracy, paranoia, and murder. This one will hurt a bit..and leave you stained...


*It was difficult to try and track down a trailer, so a sample will have to do

Well I should start by saying, if you are weak of heart, easily offended, weak stomached, or general take yourself and life too seriously, this movie is FOR YOU...If you know Gwar then know I will feed you to the "World Maggot". This movie is meant to offend and entertain, but also subsequently plays with your brain. I'd recommend this one to anyone else with a dark twisted sense of humour. Here is a WIKIPEDIA plot summary that uses "meanwhile" too much...

Skulhedface being the movie coinciding with This Toilet Earth, the story of both album and movie are nearly identical (though the album diverges from that story frequently). Skulhedface, formerly a beautiful queen of a peaceful, vegetarian planet, was transformed into a foul creature during a raid on her planet by Cardinal Syn, Gwar's eternal foe. She travels to Earth, where she is instructed to acquire sufficient amounts of Jizmoglobin, a blue bodily fluid that is responsible for the creativity, rebellion and decadence of all creatures.
Gwar, meanwhile, is hosting a telethon on their pirate television network, Slave Pit TV. The goal of the telethon: offer enough human sacrifices to unite tom with the World Maggot, which lies dormant in the Earth's core, and ride it off the planet. They are having an increasing amount of success, which draws the attention of GlomCo, an archetypical evil media conglomerate.
Boss Glom, the CEO, summons Gwar's manager, Sleazy P. Martini, in the hopes that he will sell Gwar out, reduce them to commodities, and ultimately kill the band to prevent any interference. Martini repeatedly refuses, until he is offered more money than he has ever seen in his life. At this point, Gwar breaks through the ceiling, and Boss Glom summons his armed guards. Gwar makes short work of the guards and the other board members, but Glom escapes to his private elevator. After that, Slave Pit TV is then broadcast to the public, having taken over the equipment as well as the corporation.
On the way down to a secret laboratory, Boss Glom is revealed to be Skulhedface, and in her laboratory, her assistant, Flopsy, assists her to a large Jizmoglobin extraction device. Rocker Sebastian Bach is placed in the device, his Jizmoglobin removed, and emerges a business type with absolutely no personality. Skulhedface starts to drink the Jizmoglobin, when a transmission from Cardinal Syn comes in - he will "be arriving in the next movie" (which he does) to collect Jizmoglobin and subjugate the planet (which he attempts to do, but fails).
Meanwhile, the telethon is still going well, and Gwar feasts their imminent departure from the planet. Beefcake the Mighty, however, spots Flopsy, who has come to lure him into a trap. Flopsy removes his face, dons it himself, and tells Gwar of midgets in the basement (with which they could sate their sexual appetite one last time before leaving).
When they get to the basement, they find Beefcake, tied up and without a face. During a conversation with Skulhedface, Flopsy returns Beefcake's face, and in return, decides to stick his fist in Flopsy's mouth (which is vaginal in shape). Unfortunately, he is too rough, and Flopsy dies.
Skulhedface reveals her greatest weapon - the Flesh Column, composed of the foulest of human pieces. The combined efforts of Gwar are insufficient, and they are subjected to the device, which is overloaded with their combined Jizmoglobin. Skulhedface is reverted to her old self, and Gwar into infants. Now benevolent, she returns their Jizmoglobin, and things return to as they were. The entire band (minus Slymenstra Hymen) rapes her to death, and they promptly return to the World Maggot. As they reach the surface, they see the World Maggot flying away, while Sleazy P. Martini "consoles" them and concludes the broadcast day."

If you can read that in its need more.....

Altered States 1980

A scientist's obsession with hallucinogenic drugs pushes him to insanity or genetic devolution. This movie can be a mind bender. 

Arguably any Wes Anderson film 

Life Aquatic

The Royal Tenenbaums

Wes Anderson has strange characters, situations, camera shots, music, hell movies in general...if you was want a safe trip movie, any of his films will do.

Some Honorable Mentions: 

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas!
- The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
- Firestarter

*By no means is this a definitive list 

watch this:

Listen to this:

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Evil von Scarrys twisted movies for altered minds top 5

So you've got it made sitting in the double wide with orange shag carpeting, lava lamp under the velvet painting of Elvis. Feeling bored and nothing on the boob tube. Well you need some twisted movies for your altered mind........

We have our usual suspects of more recent cinema like Being John Malkovich and older "cult" classics such as Rocky Horror Picture Show or for the cine-nerd THX 1138.
Theres a few gems out there of strange movies made for weird folks.  Here's a few that may have missed Just my top 5 fucked up movies.

1/ Blue Velvet (1986):
Wow where do I start. Quick summation. Man finds a severed ear in a field, tries to figure out how it got there and gets sucked into the evil underbelly of his local town. 

2/ Donnie Darko (2001):
Time travel and strange people who dress in metallic bunny masks.

3/ Repo Man (1984):
awesome punk rock sound track, young man becomes a repo man. A repo notice goes out on a car that happens to have a dead alien in the trunk and a slowly dying government scientist (who is also slowly going crazy).

4/ Time Bandits (1981):
young boy travels through time and dimensions with a group of dwarves intent on looting.

5/ In the Mouth of Madness (1994)
An H.P. Lovecraft inspired film by John Carpenter. A book that apparently causes people to go crazy, problem is the places mentioned in the book exist. Or do they? Muhahhahahahaha. 

 honorable mentions- (with some interesting links)

ok The Wizard of Oz ( and the "soul" version called  The Wiz is a must see) apparently can be synced to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. There's a whole group of people out there who spend time and money syncing iconic albums with movies saying they mesh. Dunno but sounds neat.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, any given Tarantino film, Doctor Strangelove, Hellraiser, A Clockwork Orange, Naked Lunch, Monty Python movies, Sleepaway Camp, Requiem for a Dream, One Hour Photo (probably the best thing Robin Williams ever did) , Harold and Kumar movies, Jay and SilentBob, Drug Store Cowboy, Jacobs Ladder, Kentucky Fried Movie.

If I missed any you feel needs to be considered let us know. If I haven't seen it then I just might. -EvS 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Necroscope THE MOVIE IS COMING! Who would you cast?

Harry Keogh (born Harry Snaith) is born with the ability to speak to the dead. As he grows up and his power manifests itself, he befriends the dead. From them he learns that death is not the end, that once the bodies die the mind goes on, and the dead continue to do in death what they did in life. From him, the once silent Great Majority learns to communicate amongst themselves, and love him for it. In turn, they offer him their knowledge. From a former maths teacher he discovers his own mathematical genius, and an ex-army sergeant teaches him self-defense.

As the years go by, he has recurring dreams about his mother, dead after an alleged ice-skating accident but in reality murdered by her husband and Harry's stepfather Victor Shukshin. Shukshin is a psychic sensitive, a defector sleeper agent planted by the Soviet E-Branch. In his self-appointed mission to avenge his mother's death, Harry is dragged into a web of espionage (actually, ESPionage) involving the British and Soviet ESP agencies.
This leads to Harry learning to use the Möbius Continuum (from its discoverer, August Ferdinand Möbius himself, at his grave in Leipzig, Germany), which allows him to instantaneously transport himself anywhere in the world, and pits him head to head against Boris Dragosani, a necromancer and fledgling vampire.

Soon to be a movie?? or TV series??Glenn Hetrick announced his project on SyFy's Faceoff

We can only wait to see how this develops. Who would you cast for the movie?

Monday, 12 November 2012

Cyberpunk here we come! Synthetic skin

Material World
Human skin is a hard system to emulate, but that hasn't stopped Stanford scientists from producing a touch-sensitive material that can heal itself at room temperature.

Self-Healing, Touch-Sensitive Synthetic Skin Linda A. Cicero, Stanford News Service
Before we can construct the realistic humanoid robots that populate our most vivid sci-fi-driven dreams, there are a lot of human systems that researchers are going to have to emulate synthetically. Not the least challenging is human skin; filled with nerve endings and able to heal itself over time, our skin serves as both a massive sensory system and a barrier between our innards and the outside world. Now, an interdisciplinary team of Stanford researchers has created the first synthetic material that is both self-healing at room temperature and sensitive to touch--a breakthrough that could be the beginnings of a new kind of robot skin (and in the meantime enjoy much more practical applications like enhanced prosthetics).
The Stanford material is far from the first self-healing plastic or polymer, but it does enjoy some benefits that set it apart. For one, many self-healing materials require some kind of catalyst or special condition to heal up, things like exposure to high temperature or certain spectrums of light. Others can heal up at room temperature, but they generally can only do so once--the act of healing alters their chemical structure such that they cannot do it a second time, much less a third or fourth.
Then, if an analog for skin is what you’re truly looking for, there’s the problem with touch sensitivity. Most plastics, polymers, and such--the primary materials used in self-healing research--are fantastic insulators. But to imbue a material with a sense of touch--and to make it interface with a larger digital system--you really want something conductive. That’s where the Stanford team has really broken new ground. Its material can repair cuts or tears in itself at room temperature multiple times, and it is conductive.
How did the researchers pull it off? They started with a plastic consisting of molecular chains joined by simple hydrogen bonds. This imparts the self-healing ability, as the bonds can be easily broken but also easily reconstituted by simply putting the broken chains back in contact with each other. In the lab, the researchers severed a piece of the material completely, creating two separate halves. After pressing the cut edge back together for just a few seconds, three-quarters of its prior strength had been restored. Within half an hour it returned to nearly 100 percent strength. After 50 such trials, the material still healed up nicely.
Then, to achieve conductivity, the researchers distributed nickel particles throughout their plastic. These nickel particles not only increase the material’s mechanical strength, but also serve as a means for electrons to move through the material, hopping from one particle to the next, creating an electric current. Bending, flexing, or otherwise warping the material changes the distance between the nickel particles, altering the material's resistance to the current. That electrical resistance can be measured to determine the shape of the skin and any pressure being exerted on it.
It’s easy to envision something like this being integrated into future prosthetics to help restore a sense of touch to those missing a limb. More immediately, such a material could be used to sheathe other electronics to give them a self-healing capacity. The findings were published in the November 11 issue of the journal Nature Nanotechnology.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Friday, 26 October 2012

Monster Roll

Short film where Sushi Chefs do battle with the sea!!! Starring Steve Howey (known for Reba, and Shameless)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

"Milking Machine" Chinese invention

Just when you thought you saw the strangest invention to come out of China..

then came this "Milking machine"....and I don't mean cows....

So much for discretion and privacy....imagine the nurse rolling this down the hall to your room " Ok Mr. Jones, time for a deposit"....Lol.....I see an underground market here.....although cleaning may be a problem

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My Top 5 Movie Monsters and Evil Beings

I figured I'd cheat a bit and go for a top10 list by cutting it in half, leaving 5 spots for monsters and 5 spots for evil beings. Here's my logic: any monster listed in the top 5 can pretty much eat any evil being listed in the lower 5, but the lower 5 are still pretty nasty.

Top 5 Movie Monsters for Halloween

  • The Blob -- nothing more scary than being digested slowly by a giant amoeba while it suffocates you 
  • The Thing -- nothing more scary than being taken over by a parasite, turned inside out, and permutated into a nightmare with appendages in all the wrong places, GROSS!
  • Caltiki -- nothing more scary than being digested while being squeezed into a compact lump of bone, muscle, and tissue at the same time
  • Zombies -- notice the trend here for the top 5 -- nothing scarier than being eaten alive by your significant others and total strangers.
  • Alien -- it's pretty scary being used as an incubator. And they're all so gooey and sticky. And I hate gobs of mucus. And being eaten alive from the inside.
Top 5 Movie Evil Beings for Halloween
  • Jason -- unstoppable and very nasty habit of skewering victims just when they're having fun
  • Freddy -- he can easily turn your sweet dreams into terminal nightmares when you're too tired to fight back
  • Hannibal Lector -- he eats you and thanks you for it
  • Any Cenobite -- really, do I have to explain this one? At least Pin Head has a little class before he dissects you into chum
  • The Reaper -- unstoppable flying menace who likes to take your skin before he eats you. 
So there you have it. Pick up any one of these bad boys, monsters or evil beings, and your Halloween will be a rousing success. Invite some friends over and chow down while the monsters do. They'll love it (your friends, I mean).

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Top Five Horror Bad Guys (Evil von Scarry's favs) series

Evil von Scarry's top 5 Horror Bad Guys and/or Monsters of Film. 

I was thinking of doing something like Hitler vs. Abbot and Costello vs. The Mummy but didnt need the political fallout, lol. So here goes with some of my personal pics for bad guys in horror and movie monsters in the spirit of upcoming Halloween. Well here we go in no particular order, except Pinhead he's the ultimate.

1/ PINHEAD (from Hellraiser- series, comics and novels

Pinhead is an evil notional leader of a group of Demons called Cenobites created by Clive Barker and also made famous in the Hellraiser series of movies. He is uber intelligent, makes Hannibal Lecter look like a pussy and has telekinesis. Need I say more? Pinhead in my opinion is THE horror baddie.

2/ The Blair Witch (from the Blair Witch Project 1 and 2, etc)
This movie set the bar for many other films and had a really creepy bad guy(girl) that for myself gave me the creeps. Myself I loved this movie others really hated it. But all of those fucking creepy stick figures made and with some kind of strange things going on puts this baddie on my list.Not to mention she can somehow make her victims immobilized to stand in a corner while it kills everyone else......

3/ "that fucking girl in the well" from The Ring  based on the Japanese book/film Ringu:
 well lets just say you watch this tape and get a mysterious phone call after the film is over with a message that says " 7 days" in a really creepy voice. You have 7 days until TFGITW comes to get you. She does not stop, you can't kill her and no known mojo can protect you. Seeing her come out of the well or even talking about it still gives me the willies and goosebumps.

here is the cursed film (from the movie), if you get a phone call dont fricking call me!

4/ Leatherface (from Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Leatherface is a creepy crazed cannibal with superhuman endurance and can take alot of hits without flinching! There was alot of flap about this film being based on a true story and people trying to figure it out. I'll give it to you. He is loosely based on serial killer Ed Gein. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre changed the horror genre irrevocably in 1974 and created a huge stir. Horror films would never be the same again. It served as an inspiration for countless other films and genres of horror. Leatherface will be in the annals of horror history along with Nosferatu, The Mummy, Wolfman, etc. 

5/ Dracula ( as played by Bela Lugosi)
to myself the absolute iconic Horror bad guy is Dracula as played by Bela Lugosi in many films. Dracula had many powers such as hypnosis, transformation (mist, vampire bat), super strength and speed, superior intellect and his suaveness would make the Dos Equis guy look like a chump.  Culturally and cinematically the film Dracula in 1931 changed the world as we know it forever! Muhahahahahahaha!

Far from a comprehensive list this is just my humble top 5 favorites of horror. 

Stay tuned for other top pics from other contributors before Halloween. -Evil von Scarry