Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My Top 5 Movie Monsters and Evil Beings

I figured I'd cheat a bit and go for a top10 list by cutting it in half, leaving 5 spots for monsters and 5 spots for evil beings. Here's my logic: any monster listed in the top 5 can pretty much eat any evil being listed in the lower 5, but the lower 5 are still pretty nasty.

Top 5 Movie Monsters for Halloween

  • The Blob -- nothing more scary than being digested slowly by a giant amoeba while it suffocates you 
  • The Thing -- nothing more scary than being taken over by a parasite, turned inside out, and permutated into a nightmare with appendages in all the wrong places, GROSS!
  • Caltiki -- nothing more scary than being digested while being squeezed into a compact lump of bone, muscle, and tissue at the same time
  • Zombies -- notice the trend here for the top 5 -- nothing scarier than being eaten alive by your significant others and total strangers.
  • Alien -- it's pretty scary being used as an incubator. And they're all so gooey and sticky. And I hate gobs of mucus. And being eaten alive from the inside.
Top 5 Movie Evil Beings for Halloween
  • Jason -- unstoppable and very nasty habit of skewering victims just when they're having fun
  • Freddy -- he can easily turn your sweet dreams into terminal nightmares when you're too tired to fight back
  • Hannibal Lector -- he eats you and thanks you for it
  • Any Cenobite -- really, do I have to explain this one? At least Pin Head has a little class before he dissects you into chum
  • The Reaper -- unstoppable flying menace who likes to take your skin before he eats you. 
So there you have it. Pick up any one of these bad boys, monsters or evil beings, and your Halloween will be a rousing success. Invite some friends over and chow down while the monsters do. They'll love it (your friends, I mean).

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