Wednesday, 30 May 2012

TELL (A Short Film by Ryan Connolly)

SYNOPSIS:Gripped by the fear of possible repercussions and tortured by the guilt of his violent actions, Taylor seeks to hide his sins in hopes that they will go unnoticed and become no more than a dirty little secret… However, his plan quickly falls apart when he begins to see menacing visions and the line between reality and paranoia becomes blurred…Is it all in his head or can the dead truly take revenge? Inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe story, "The Tell Tale Heart"..So enjoy creeps and ghouls!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Zombie Truck

“The Haunted House of Horrors” has unveiled a promotional vehicle named as the Zombie Truck. The Haunted House of Horrors situated in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada is a Halloween haunted attraction. Modified from a mini carry truck of Suzuki and full of zombie repression, stalking and hunting gear; the Zombie Truck is horrifyingly deadly.
The Zombie Truck
The Zombie Truck
The Zombie Truck is a zombie collecting, tracking, hunting and dumping unit. A six foot tall metal zombie packing cage is its main feature and it can flock up to eight zombies. It is fully loaded with perilous equipments from exterior as well as interior. Zombie executing front bumper, emergency and auxiliary lighting, a siren with zombie sound effects, zombie themed vinyl graphics enclosure and a Gatling gun make The Zombie Truck so dreadful. The interior is military themed with seats and door panels padded by camouflage fabric. Stiff truck bed liner coating is used in the bottom so that the blood and guts of zombies can be washed away easily. Zombie bite disaster kit, shotgun mounted at the front and an LCD screen with zombie tracking GPS application are also featured in the truck.
The Zombie Truck
The Zombie Truck
Shawn Gusz is the creator of this vehicle and for a realistic effect he set life-sized zombie figures made by HauntedHouseCreations. These threatening figurines are put inside the zombie containment cage.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Oxford Launches New Hunt for Yeti DNA Samples

Yeti Footprint A mysterious footprint found in the Himalayas in March 1976. Wikimedia Commons
In the bizarre world of cryptozoology, the yeti looms large, its potential existence the stuff of legend since the days of the first Mt. Everest expeditions. Now a new effort could settle it for good, by studying DNA from hair samples stored at various institutions around the world. Maybe the samples do belong to a yeti or some type of beast unknown to science, or maybe it’s as boring as a bear — a team of researchers at the University of Oxford and the Lausanne Museum of Zoology aim to find out.
The new collaboration is called the Oxford-Lausanne Collateral Hominid Project and its members are asking for institutions to submit cryptozoological samples. Cryptozoology is the study of animals whose existence is not proven. First the Oxford group wants to compile a list of known organic matter, and then they’ll ask for the samples at some point later so they can perform DNA analysis.
The yeti — a.k.a. bigfoot or sasquatch in this country, and various other names elsewhere in the world — could be any number of unknown primate species or even subspecies of bears, according to Bryan Sykes, a Fellow of Wolfson College at Oxford who will co- lead the project. No shortage of explorers and adventurers have searched for the mysterious creature, some of which haveappeared in these pages at times. If private collections and museums around the world lend suspicious samples, DNA will tell the truth, Sykes said in a statement.
“Mainstream science remains unconvinced by these reports both through lack of testable evidence and the scope for fraudulent claims. However, recent advances in the techniques of genetic analysis of organic remains provide a mechanism for genus and species identification that is unbiased, unambiguous and impervious to falsification,” he said.
Oxford’s news release says the results will be published in peer-reviewed journals. One can safely assume they’ll be submitted, but whether a team of referees will recommend their publication is another question. Regardless, we hope they find something.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


A young girl buys an antique box at a yard sale, unaware that inside the collectible lives a malicious ancient spirit. The girl's father teams with his ex-wife to find a way to end the curse upon their child.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

2012 we didn't know, right?? Right? But they did predict Ironman!!!

(the Mayans did however predict

Mayan Cave Paintings Photograph by Tyrone Turner, National Geographic
National Geographic has a new feature up today in which they discuss the new finding of a cave in the midst of an unexplored Mayan megacity--a cave with very particular glyphs on the walls. Those writings include charts to predict lunar cycles and other calendrical workings--including a cyclical Mayan calendar that counts many thousands of years in the future. Which means, um, that stuff about the Maya predicting the end of the world is kind of...factually problematic.
The article's pretty great; this kind of calculation room was probably a part of every Mayan city, but it's the first to be found well-preserved enough to examine. This particular city, named Xultún, was "discovered" about a hundred years ago, north of Tikal and south of San Bartolo, two other Mayan cities. The calendar-type charts on the wall of the cave emphasize the Mayan concept of cyclical time, and counts some 7,000 years in the future, which pretty much debunks the 2012 myth (which is itself based on a calendar that shows the year "starting over" in 2012).
And on a side note scientists discovered the Mayans predicted depicted in photo above....J/K lmao...

Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Blob, for real!! sort of....

Deepstaria enigmatica, is a jellyfish of the family Ulmaridae first described in 1967 by F.S. Russel. The bell of this jellyfish is very thin and wide (up to approx. 60 cm), and resembles a translucent, folding sheet or "lava lamp" as the animal moves.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Outpost and Outpost 2 Black Sun evil nazi zombies attack

Heard about Outpost 2 Black Sun, sort of a zombie cult film that was leaked on the net. Found out there was a first one, hooda thunk it? At first I thought maybe someone tried to beat the Frankenstein's Army folks to the punch but really Outpost and OBS stand on their own.Checked them both out and heres the skinny-

Outpost ( the first one 2008)-
Mercenaries hired by a scientist seek out a forgotten Nazi bunker with a machine that creates evil undead super soldiers in the back woods of an eastern European country during a civil war.
Good gore and an interesting back story. Without giving too much away I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys zombie flicks or just plain horror films. Another good Brit film in the horror genre. Especially interesting with information coming out (in real life) about Nazi experiments and occultism mixing science during the war.

Outpost: Black Sun 2012
Picks up almost immediately where the first one left off. It gets allot more in-depth with the back story of evil Nazi experiments creating super soldiers and NATO's response to the threat of the undead. For the budgets both films were great and the acting was alright too. Ive seen worse with bigger budgets. But with the lighting and camera work the film did a good job creating tension and scariness with some excellent fight scenes. Not sure why the Outpost 2 trailer is in German but the movie version I watched was in English, although the movie has not been "officially released" yet. Id recommend watching the first one so you'll appreciate the extra budget and time put into the first one, although the second could stand on it's own.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Juan of the Dead

I don't know about you my creepy readers, but I am stoked for this flesh eating-fest!!!!

The zombie world has yet to witness one last stand – Cuba. An outbreak hits the island on the anniversary of the revolution, so Juan and his friends set out to conquer the undead who, according to government reports, are unruly Americans continuing their quest of undermining the regime.


Alejandro Brugués was born in Buenos Aires. He graduated from Cuba’s International Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños. His films include Personal Belongings (07) and Juanof the Dead (11).

MAY 4th Limited release 

UPDATE August 14, 2012, VOD DVD release