Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Outpost and Outpost 2 Black Sun evil nazi zombies attack

Heard about Outpost 2 Black Sun, sort of a zombie cult film that was leaked on the net. Found out there was a first one, hooda thunk it? At first I thought maybe someone tried to beat the Frankenstein's Army folks to the punch but really Outpost and OBS stand on their own.Checked them both out and heres the skinny-

Outpost ( the first one 2008)-
Mercenaries hired by a scientist seek out a forgotten Nazi bunker with a machine that creates evil undead super soldiers in the back woods of an eastern European country during a civil war.
Good gore and an interesting back story. Without giving too much away I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys zombie flicks or just plain horror films. Another good Brit film in the horror genre. Especially interesting with information coming out (in real life) about Nazi experiments and occultism mixing science during the war.

Outpost: Black Sun 2012
Picks up almost immediately where the first one left off. It gets allot more in-depth with the back story of evil Nazi experiments creating super soldiers and NATO's response to the threat of the undead. For the budgets both films were great and the acting was alright too. Ive seen worse with bigger budgets. But with the lighting and camera work the film did a good job creating tension and scariness with some excellent fight scenes. Not sure why the Outpost 2 trailer is in German but the movie version I watched was in English, although the movie has not been "officially released" yet. Id recommend watching the first one so you'll appreciate the extra budget and time put into the first one, although the second could stand on it's own.

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