Tuesday, 9 October 2012

War of the Dead (Stone's War) review

War of the Dead is one of those zombie movies you might want to watch while your waiting for World War Z or Frankenstein's Army. And oddly enough the main character Captain Stone looks sort of  like Mr. K lol.

Quick plot summary: 1941 a Finnish commando group on secret mission to wipe out a  bunker complex just over the border in Soviet Russia. Alongside them is a squad of American's let by Captain Stone.
The rub is that the Nazi's were doing experiments there to create undead soldiers. Chaos ensues at first contact.

The effects are pretty decent, us zombie fans are generally easy to please-lol. There's a few plot line holes but overall its a fun movie, lot's of tongue in cheek and cheese ala Bruce Campbell style. Gore, gunplay, zombies (the fast ones), fun for the whole family.

Although it's a Finnish movie( seems like the Scandanvian countries are starting to weigh in on the horror genre- (Trolljaeger, Dead Snow, etc) it is done in English (not subs) and it's pretty good overall. Although it gets slagged by alot of critics well fuck them this is a fun film! World premier was at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival in Canada last year (Oct 22, 2011). 

Like I said  its a movie to fill the gap while waiting for other movies. World War Z is having some problems though with production and running over budget, lets hope they don't fuck that one up! The book was great and iconic in the zombie genre. I just hope Max Brooks got his money up front. Frankenstein's Army has been pretty quite but is apparently moving along well without any major problems.

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