Saturday, 6 April 2013

Is Terminator soon to be a reality?

I often wonder if the whole "terminator" movie scenario is science fiction turned inevitable reality. Are we doomed, those of us who survive, to run around in a post-apocalyptic world, filled with killer robots? We certainly seem hell bent on getting there. Scientists working under sketchy military subcontractors and other smoke and mirror bodies, are working over time to create all the crazy things we see in sci fi flicks. Are we headed in this direction? I think so... you tell me:

Here is a "dog" robot designed to lug things(so far). Imagine if you will this thing if you will, 5 times the size and armed to the teeth.

It s seem benign enough now..but given the right mods it could be scary as hell.

Now for the true frightening:

Introducing Petman(2009)

..not very exciting..but you can see where they're headed.

Petman (2011) getting creepier..
And now Petman 2013

next video?

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