Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Scary toys from the 50's IN THE AGE OF THE ATOM!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA

In in age were everything Atomic was fucking cool and scary at the same time. The 1950's were an iconic time from music to movies, socially, politically,etc. Our friend John Cozzoli of Zombo's Closet put up a pic of a childhood toy that got us really thinking we missed the boat on some cool stuff. 

Really? Yup it's the Atomic Energy Lab from BlamCo! No just kidding (little Fallout 3 reference there,lol see our Entertainment in the Post Apocalypse article) . But this was a real product. John made a comment about it not being as dangerous as the Gilbert one. More dangerous when were talking about an Atomic Energy Lab!? LMAO fuck yeah we just had to check that out!

So it turns out the Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab is one of the most infamous toys that has ever existed! Fuck me. Makes me want to paint the whole house with lead based paint and reinstall the vinyl asbestos tile in the kitchen, lmao. It least then I would be safe from the Reds! 

 The inventor of this set (and the less dangerous but famous Erector set) was Albert C. Gilbert.

 This link has a pretty good page outlining the set and has lots of associated pictures and packaging.

The kids in the 50's must have been pretty tough especially compared to today's bubble wrap kids and their "helicopter parents". They got to play outside with guns, chemistry sets and apparently radioactive materials. How did they ever survive!!

- Evil von Scarry

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