Wednesday, 15 May 2013

CatchMeKillMe Productions Indie Spotlight

Hello fellow creeps! This will be this first installment of spotlights on independent horror, and hopefully followed by many more. Independent horror has always been dear to my blackened heart and I feel it needs any exposure I can offer. So without furthure ado here we go:


From the creepy canyons of Sierra Vista Arizona, a new horror emerges!! CatchMeKillMeFilms is an independent film production company founded by Ian Messenger and several of his fiends. On a shoe string budget they've managed pull together and create some fantastic horror films and shorts. Ian's first film "The Hog: A return to Fear" has even caught the eye of none other than the Master of Cheese Horror Lloyd Kaufman! Saying "The Hog is the best attempt at a short film I've ever seen"Sic. After watching all of their gruesome vids on Youtube, not only am I a fan but I love seeing the evolution in quality! The story tie ins are also a great touch. With support of fans and horror aficionados I hope to see these guys rise to great things! Here are some of my favourites, in all their juicy bloody glory:

The Bad Man


The Hog: a Return to Fear

If you haven't discovered the demented fun of CatchMeKillMe I suggest you do! So PLEASE support indie horror and watch their stuff, comment, and refer! Without indie horror there would be no mainstream/cult horror!

~ K.K.

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