Friday, 31 May 2013

Rondo Hatton Awards results

A quick overview of the Rondo Hatton (Horror) Awards 2012 winners
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We vote annually in these awards and feel it's one of the best real markers of horror fans. The Rondo's cut out the politics of the film industry and goes right to the people who appreciate horror films and their various genres.

"   The Rondo awards, named after Rondo Hatton, an obscure B-movie villain of the 1940s, recognize the best in classic horror research, creativity and film preservation. This year's e-mail vote, conducted by the Classic Horror Film Board, an 18-year old online community, drew a record of more than 3,400 votes as fans chose among 35 categories"

Best Horror Movie 2012 -A Cabin in the Woods- a homage to 80's teen thrillers took 1st place. Not my pick... but hey congrats.

Monster Kid of the Year- Simon Rowson:
"the award program's highest honor -- for his work discovering snippets of footage in Japan that had 'Dracula' with Christopher Lee in 1958 (Retitled 'Horror of Dracula' in the U.S.). As a result of his efforts, a new restored version of the film has been released in Britain."
been cut from the original release of Hammer's

Best Horror Magazine of the Year- Rue Morgue 
no surprise there, Rue Morgue the Canadian horror mag is one of the best! Rue Morgue also sponsors the Festival of Fear in Toronto, Canada every year!

Best TV Presentation- The Walking Dead- no surprise there either. This is one of the best things to happen to television in a loooooonnnnngggg time. About time we got something besides "reality tv". Excellent series and well written. Its really a drama with a horrifying zombie apocolypse as the background and continuous source of tension that drives the characters.

The RHA site has lots of other categories that are just as important but were not here to steal the thunder. -EvS

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