Monday, 25 February 2013

"Lord of Tears" an upcoming horror thriller

Thrills, chills,tension and the spilling of blood. This film will have it all!

Set in the Scottish highlands a man named James Findlay (played by Euan Douglas) must confront his fears and the demons of his past including a menacing presence known only as "The Owl Man" by returning to his childhood home after the death of his mother.

Reviewing the story and trailer, the"Lord of Tears" has that kind of Lovecraft feel to it by way of the protagonist questioning and fighting for sanity. A bit of Fall of the House of Usher with an ancient stalker creature that we only know as " The Owl Man"makes for a great story and film formula. The creators of Lord of Tears share that it is based on ancient legends ( Celtic -the Slender Man and others). Some other research shows that there actually is (allegedly) an "Owl Man" in more modern legend. This just adds to the Lord of Tears creepiness. The film has the mystique that only British horror can have. Often imitated by American horror but never quite hitting that classy scare the hell out of you as opposed the exploitation style of modern U.S. horror cinema.
On seeing pictures of the Owl Man (ie Moloch an ancient evil entity of mythology) it brings to mind the creepiness of Nosferatu with those scary long arms and claws. On top of that add the cold supernatural nature (and stare!) of owls, the creature of the night/silent hunter. There was serious  research done and the director even dared travel through the haunt of the alleged Owl Man. Interestingly the film is actually shot where witnesses claim to have seen the creature. Lucky this didn't turn into a Blair Witch Ala The Owl Man real life encounter for the cast and crew! Otherwise this would be a murder investigation instead of a film review!

The film is complete and ready to rock and has a kickstarter to secure release. For anyone that doesn't know, movies cost money to promote and release. Unlike most kickstarters the film is done but they still need the help and funding for final release and will add some extras. You can also check out the Facebook site and show some support for a great film. I for one can't wait to see the final product. Its been awhile since I've seen anything that's got me this excited for quite awhile. -EvS

Some of the folks in Lord of Tears
 Lawrie  Brewster - Director
Sarah Daly -Writer 
David Schofield (Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean)
Lexy Hulme (500 Days of Summer)
Euan Douglas


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Some exclusive kreepy treats to wet your bloody appetite:

 I, for one, am extremely excited for this one, and proud to support this film in any way I can! Let's get it out there!  ~ Kount Kreepy


  1. thanks to all the viewers who donated and helped get word out. in just a few days the kickstarter is now over 60 percent! thanks also to SK and the Wogs! -EvS

  2. long overdue update the kickstarter was an even bigger success and has achieved its target. congrats to the Lord of Tears team!