Monday, 4 February 2013

Nazis and the Occult, the "Ahnenerbe" and other weirdness

Well allot of our favorite scary movies that have Nazi's almost always alleged some kind of Nazi occult dabbling. Turns out in real life there was!
 (at left the motif for the Ahnenerbe, a sort of occult bureau of archeology)
In looking into this one will find allot of real oddball stuff like Nazi UFO's and journeys to the Arctic (or the Moon as some like to claim). Now there is allot of b.s. about this out there but that shouldn't detract from some of the incredible yet true stuff.  Recently I read a book entitled simply enough, "Nazis and the Occult" by Paul Roland (2007) which dispels allot of the far out there stuff but has just as much that makes you wonder just how far gone the regime really was. Most sources have it that it was Himmler ( and others )that was more the occultist and that Hitler only put up with it when it suited him. But then again who knows really?

Here's just a few examples of the Nazi's and their journey to the dark side.

The movie at left in full entitled "Nazis, the Occult Conspiracy" 

1/ German expedition to Tibet (1938-1939)
surely inspired the Indian Jones films. This real life expedition to find the origins of the "Aryans". The expedition brought back records and research of mandalas, etc.

2/ The Spear of Destiny 
Apparently the spear that pierced Christ on the cross. Those that held it were destined to rule, as did Charlemagne apparently who died when he lost it. Kind of sounds like the Lord of the Rings.... but there is a real life artifact and Hitler did claim it immediately after taking over Austria.

3/ The Nazi Bell (Die Glocke)
A Nazi UFO or time travel device? This did exist. Another case of truth stranger than fiction!
(above picture of "bell henge" where the Bell may have been placed for experimentation) Most of the people involved in this project from regular workers to the scientists were ordered executed by Hitler when the war started going south for the Nazis. I found one site where the author claims it was a particle accelerator. Maybe this was part of the "Black Sun" or the Nazi atomic weapon? There are various locations given for different wonder weapons factories. One that is confirmed is the Der Reise or The Giant. 

 4/ Nazi Psychic Experiments
apparently psychic and mediums,dowsers and the whole gammut were called up time to time but a great many of them were thrown into concentration camps as well. Maybe the Nazi's didn't like what was predicted?

5/ Vril and Thule Societies 
The Vril and Thule societies that were occult in nature and practice, had allot of weird ideas that the Nazi regime adapted. But how much influence they really had in the Reich is up for speculation.  This ties back into the whole UFO's and Antarctic base/hollow earth Nazis thing. There is also an apparent connection to the concentration camps in being the Reich had sacrifices to offer.

6/ New Swabia/ Antarctic expedition
There was in fact and expedition but apparently it was to establish a whaling station. Other say though that it was to find the mystic "hollow earth". Interestingly though that later on many of the "hollow earth" theorists were sent to concentration camps by the regime. 
The truth is indeed stranger than fiction! -EvS

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