Tuesday, 30 August 2011

FanExpo Recap

Well, after a long day of shopping, wandering, smoking, and lines FanExpo finally came to and end. I must admit that my optimism was slightly squashed by the gross capitalism of the "Celebrities"...Signed photos and photo ops ran from $35-$80+..That aspect of the convention, felt to me, like a human petting zoo...I left a little jaded about that whole thing....also several of the people I wanted to see, decided to be "No Shows"...All that aside it was a great time, got to meet John Russo, Tom Savini, and several other celebs...got lots of art from some very talented artist( Who I'll showcase later)..plus tons of free swag ;) Unfortunately I didn't really get many photos and videos...ohh well, always next event.
not my videos, but gives you a good idea

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