Friday, 5 August 2011

The Tunnel

The Tunnel is an indy horror film done in Australia. Quick summary is film crew hears about homeless people going missing beneath the streets of Sydney and go down to investigate, chaos ensues. This movie is pretty creepy and well done.

Part of the 135K Project 
1 frame=1$
 135,000 frames=90 minutes
90 minutes= 1 movie

A great idea that puts movie ownership in the hands of horror fans and helps get movies that otherwise might not be hollywood enough get made. Also these guys were selling 1 frame = 1 share for any profits made from the film. Its a novel idea and one I hope that takes off. How many films have we seen that never made it due to limited finances where if every person interested threw in a few bucks it would have made it to production ( Worst Case Scenario for instance). -EvS

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