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One of those "underground" films (directed by Paul Bunnel) that looked like an Ed Wood homage and turned out to
be just as horrible. That being said if your a David Lynch fan and like that sort of over the top method style acting (like Brando in the Wild One or Liz Taylor back in the 50's) then this film might be for you. I for one HATE musicals (unless you put TOMMY or PINK FLOYD's THE WALL in that genre) so it was a major stretch for me to sit through the whole film. I did it cuz Kount Kreepy had me watch it. So figured better watch the whole damned thing before I attempt a review.

However my love of the weird and the 1950's cheesy sci-fi movies kept me going through what was a sci-fi comedy musical and was just quirky enough to stand on it's own. I'm pretty sure it will eventually become a cult classic, probably once it has some showings in Japan and then comes back to North America again. Looking into the film it cost about 2 Million to make and made about 117 bucks in ticket sales, LMAO.It was also named the worst film of 2012. Hell I'd see it on that accreditation alone!

The gist is a gang of bad ass rebel greaser types on a planet that is all about law and order finally get
exiled to what I'm guessing is the late 1950's early 60's earth. Tie in a dead rock n roller that gets resurrected using alien technology and some musical numbers with plenty of nods to various film and cult genres. Some of the rockabilly/psycho-billy crowd will also get a kick from the period pieces in the film.

From the people who brought you this film:

quote-"Shot on black-and-white Kodak film stock, Paul Bunnel’s 1950s throwback dials up the weirdness of the already surreal genre of sci-fi B movies with showstopping musical numbers, over-the-top dialogue, and hilariously hokey special effects.
Banished to Earth for intergalactic juvenile delinquency, Johnny X and his gang of Ghastly Ones set off in search of a piece of alien technology that could change the fate of the universe forever—the so-called “resurrection suit.” Soon, the extraterrestrial nogoodniks are embroiled in a wacky scheme involving a femme fatale named Bliss, a shifty concert promoter with schemes of his own, and a recently deceased musician who won’t let a little decomposition stop him from rocking." -end quote

If your a film buff or just a lover of cheesy films then it'll be worth your while to see this film. I can't really say anything bad about it but it's not on my list of fav's either. Then again I hated Rocky Horror Picture Show but absolutely loved Blue Velvet. This film has a similar feel of elements of both those films but does stand on it's own. It was also the last film appearance of Kevin McCarthy before his passing ( starred in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" -1956).

I've left some links below to various media linked with the film. -Evil von Scarry
Strand Releasing (selling DVD's)

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