Monday, 10 June 2013

Evil Dead 2013 review

Finished watching Evil Dead the new one 2013. The Kount and I were both pretty pissed off we weren't the first Monster Kids in line for it but family, work,etc sometimes get in the way.

Well worth the watch, now of course not as good as the original (are they ever really?).
But this had the atmosphere that creeps people out and had some nods to the original but
still able to pull it off as it's own dog. Having said that though there's some parts in this new one that I will never forget!

It was pretty fucked up and had some really over the top moments. The effects were very well done
and has plenty for fans of the original. Being a huge fan myself (yeah I even got the t-shirt) of the original I was pleased to be able to pick out some "Easter eggs" from the original but also surprised that the film was able to do it's own ideas as well instead of just being a clone of the original film.

The beginning of the film actually gave something the original did not, some visual backgrounder. The original gave the backgrounder through an audio tape. This one actually SHOWS YOU what happened, which I thought was pretty cool. 

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell ('hail to the King baby!') are producers of this film so for anyone out there who are worried Sam and Bruce weren't going to put up with anyone fucking with this film. And to all those pussies in movie theatres world wide who got up and walked out, what the fuck did you expect from a film entitled EVIL DEAD. LMAO for fuck sakes it's not a fucking Disney film!
To fans of the Evil Dead franchise if you've been holding back, don't. Go and see it. It will be worth your while. Cheers, Evil von Scarry.

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