Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bioshock FOR REAL!!! sort of....

Dennis Chamberland doesn’t just want to live underwater: he wants you to join him.

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Dennis Chamberland joined NASA as a bioengineer in the mid ’80s, just as the manned space program was starting to thunder forward. But rather than looking up to the stars, he began looking down – deep down.
As a developer of the agency’s Advanced Space Life Support Systems, which monitors the safety for all off-planet habitation pursuits, Chamberland soon became a lead proponent of research on an idea being floated by NASA at the time: using the sea as a testbed for space exploration. Before long, this homegrown explorer would become one of the country’s leading proponents of undersea habitation, and an advocate for what he calls the “space-ocean analog.”
An aquanaut and Mission Commander on seven NASA underwater missions, Chamberland has also pursued landmark research in bioengineering and become a prolific writer of science books and sci-fi novels.

So....add some freaky Plasmids,  crazy undersea nutjobs, Big Daddy's, and change Dennis' name to Fontaine and we got a cool creepy REAL Rapture!!! Woo hoo!

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