Friday, 6 July 2012

Night Breed the Cabal Cut (2012)

watched the original with my family and Mrs. Von Scarry describing it as Buffy the Vampire Slayer with blood. Pretty fitting description but with very imaginative creatures and backgrounder story. Critics back in the day crucified this film and even Clive Barker was not happy about the film. Apparently there is a Cabal version out there (155min) which is more like a directors cut and is coming to a horror fest near you!  
This year so far announced screenings are Toronto, Ontario, Canada  N.J. USA, London U.K. and Chicago, Ill USA. 
Brian Collins (of Collins Crypt) does a very good review of the "extended cut" here.

Quick summary for the reading challenged- go see it but bring something for your ass. At 155min its long. There is some grumbling about film quality as all the things needed to be done to make it happen involve editing of all damned things VHS, DVD and 35mm. But its a labor of love and a must see for fans-
I have included the official trailer below. -EvS

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