Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection

North Bank Entertainment, the UK production company behind Ruggero Deodato's forthcoming The House on the Edge of the Park Part II, Independent Moving Pictures and Mad Science Films have released the first trailer for Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection, a British version of the 1968 horror classic.

The film is the debut feature of director James Plumb, with the script co-written by James Plumb and Andrew Jones. It was shot on location in Carmarthenshire, Swansea and Cardiff in South Wales, UK.

"In 2012 the deceased have risen from their graves with only one instinct: to feed on the living. As academics speculate on the scientific cause of the phenomena, theologians point to the Armageddon foretold in the Book of Revelation. As the cities are overrun and civilization crumbles, a family take refuge from the undead army in an isolated farmhouse in West Wales. But the greatest threat is already among them."

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