Monday, 30 September 2013

Lords of Salem review

Just finished watching it and had a few things I wanted to get out before I sleep on the rest of it.

First impressions....The Shining meets Lair of the White Worm. It had the feel of a lot of the creepy 1970's horror films which had cults and devil worship with the promise of the devil coming back in human form ( Blood on Satan's Claw, Rosemary's Baby, Hungry Wives,The Pyx,Carrie,Audrey Rose,etc. The surreal and what the fuck of The Wicker Man). Funny how life would be influenced by art, that would play out later in the big whipped up fears of devil cults and heavy metal music of the 1980's (PMRC-Tipper Gore, now her husband tries to scare us about Carbon). The fears of right wing evangelical America .The following song features in the film and is pretty fucking creepy.

A very different movie from Rob Zombie's "Devil's Rejects", which seemed to be just a shocker for the sake of it. I was expecting that watching this but was pleased to see it was not just a bunch of shock and gore for the hell of it. Actually it was pretty artsy and had a bit more depth to it than many of his previous films. I hope it's the start of Rob Zombie coming into his own as a more serious director.

Post sleep- after thoughts

Had some more time to dwell on it after a strange dream about musical scoring and sheet music, lol.

There was quite a bit this film had to offer and some great background,etc but it kind of felt disjointed which I wonder if that was almost deliberate. I figured that maybe getting the low down from the man himself might help. So here's Rob Zombie in an interview about Lords of Salem.
This film was certainly a departure from his previous shock films and was more of a thinking kind of movie with horror as the vehicle for it. Over all it was an enjoyable movie and think that Rob Zombie has branched out trying out a new approach. The critics bashed it into the ground but to hell with em, this ain't no happy ending feel good film. Also might as well enjoy it as Rob Z claims that this is his last horror movie for at least 10 years. Now something comes to mind like "you take the boy out of the blah blah but not the blah blah out of the bogy. Stay tuned, I give him 3 years tops.
 -Evil von Scarry

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