Saturday, 3 August 2013

Frankenstein's Army film review 2013

Frankensteins Army film review 

Evil von Scarry signing in here. Saw this movie finally at long last!
As a follow up article of Kount Kreepy's announcement of the film (pre-release) here's my review of the film. I would recommend that folks check out KK's article as it gives a good backgrounder and some other things from "Worst Case Scenario" (by Richard Raaphorst ) the proto-Frankenstein's Army.

1/ Its a great movie, go see it. Especially if your one of those (like use) that have been waiting essentially since "Worst Case Scenario" for this movie.
2/ This is essentially a creature feature, and a good one at that. Lots of gore , great creature fx/make up and prop work. No need for CGI here!
3/ not exactly Academy Award acting, but good enough as really it's a fun movie and not a drama. 
4/ never mind the critics, they take themselves too seriously and film too seriously. Really. Its about reanimated monsters for Pete's sake!
5/ Richard Raaphorst as his directorial debut did a great job!

SPOILERS******************** Last warning**********SPOILERS **********SPOILERS**************************

I'll try not to spoil the whole thing, but be warned.

It was a great creature feature. The Germans are using one of the descendants of Dr. Frankenstein who happens to have a mad penchant for reanimation of corpses (and sometimes not so dead) and creating killer undead cyborg monstrosities.

A Russian reconnaissance patrol is out near the end of World War 2 and stumbles across the man made hell of Dr.Frankenstein's Army in a near abandoned industrial town somewhere in East Europe. Taken from a "found footage" aspect it does still flip into cinematic so won't drive away those who hate the found footage genre. 

I wasn't sure what to expect and wasn't disappointed. However. The setting was a bit haunted house
and felt, kind of  a "look and see what we can do". With the glut of WW2 soldiers vs. zombies we've seen the last few years I think the FA team did what they could to be different and stand on their own which they accomplished. FA did seem a bit rushed and if they had a bigger budget and more film they could have done an epic film instead of just a good film.

Felt a bit like House of 1000 Corpses meets Dawn of the Dead and insert found footage film here. As I've said before it does stand on it's own and has earned it's place in the horror film lexicon. I hope it does spawn a sequel and maybe with a bigger budget this time.  Some critics knocked it down but to hell with them, this was a fun movie!-EvS


  1. Good review guys. Going to see this movie!

  2. We'll definitely be seeing this one.