Friday, 10 August 2012

Master Blaster Vs Skywalker and Yoda

For some reason or other its one of those things we tend to think about here at Kount Kreepy's lair.
Impossible pairings that really only nerdom could possibly come up with the real answer.

I saw this picture of Yoda and Luke Skywalker 
Yeah kind of cute and disneyesque moment, there the warrior with the brains in a backpack/director/controller riding on his back. But can they compete against the post-apocalyptic bad assed might that is..........

MASTER BLASTER!!!!!!!!!(link to Mad Max wiki)
Sure the Jedi's got some telepathy and whatnot but does all that Jedi hocus-pokus work in the Thunder Dome? Lets just say no for shits and giggles. My prediction is that Master-Blaster will still run Barter Town and LukenYoda, Yodaluke?, will wind up "Facing the Wheel" and most likely getting "Gulag"

(at left the Barter Town punishment of "Gulag")

other good Mad Max news is that Mad Max 4 "Fury Road or Road Furies" is a go, is filming currently and has some pretty cool machinery.....
check here for the evidence. =EvS

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