Thursday, 16 June 2011

John Carpenter "Cigarette Burns"

As you may know Im a big fan of those $5 bargain bins of movies. I found a good gem called "Cigarette Burns" directed by John Carpenter. This film was put out for the Masters of Horror show on Showtime in 2005.
The short story: Kirby Sweeman (played by Norman Reedus- Walking Dead,Boondock Saints) is a small theatre owner who also helps collectors find rare films. Enter Mr.Billinger ( played by Udo Kier) and eccentric evil millionaire who hires him to find an infamous film called Le Fin Absolue Monde ( the absolute end of the world). The characters are great and enjoyable in the horror sense.

trailer for Cigarette Burns 2005

The film Kirby is looking for effects those who seek it in strange and evil ways and had allegedly inspired the audience who seen it into a homicidal rampage. This movie has powerful imagery that will stick with you for days after seeing Cigarette Burns and with dark and suspenseful treasure hunt atmosphere is a real treat. If you've seen and liked the movie The Ninth Gate you like this one. It might also appeal to the reel to reel film buffs with lots of nods to that crowd.

Le fin Absolue Monde not unlike the Necronomicon, are both pure fantasy but really make you wonder what if there really was anything like that out there in the world.- EvS

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